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Bringing in the Top Talent What Makes Employees Happy

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Bringing in the Top Talent Regardless of current economic and hiring trends there remains a steady demand for the brightest and the best candidates. In fact, when hiring resources are limited it is even more important to ensure every hire represents the highest value to the organization. How do you ensure that your company and offer will win the most valuable employee and keep the hiring process effective and streamlined?

Have you noticed turn downs are more frequent than you would like? There are several reasons this can become a problem. Fortunately some analysis of your hiring practices can usually identify the cause and improve your acceptance rates.

Here are some areas that can be reviewed:

  • Are you selling the position? You want to excite the prospect about what your company has to offer. Keep top talent more interested in what your company has to offer than the competition.
  • Is the compensation competitive? Do your homework and ensure that your salary is in line, or a bit higher, than the competition.
  • Do you have happy employees? Do you have a great corporate culture? Highlight the atmosphere and reasons people enjoy the workplace.
  • Are you delaying the offer? Delaying the offer can be a turn off to a potential employee, either they move on to something else or feel that the corporation has internal "red tape" issues that may not make it an appealing place to work. Or, worse yet, that the company places no value in the candidates time or interest. If there are necessary delays for due diligence make sure the candidate is kept in the loop to maintain the feeling of mutual respect.

Once the decision to hire the best candidate is made ensure the best candidate wants you back by following a few simple rules of hiring.

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