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Resume Self Assessment A recent study that evaluated 200 randomly selected resumes. The sudy was conducted by Graham Management Group’s which is an innovator in the Canadian resume writing industry. The results uncovered some common errors made and own to avoid them.

What are their recommendations to get your resume up to a perfect 10?

Target your resume

31% of all resumes analyzed did not reveal a clear job target. YOu want to attract employers. It is essential to show that you want this job not just any job!

Sell your Skills

Present yourself in the best light “Why should we pick you instead of other qualified candidates?” 97% of resumes that we looked at did not have a targeted proposal at all.

Incorporate results (numbers talk)

86% of resumes did not include any.

Check your spelling and grammar

81.5% of the resumes had spelling and grammatical errors. Come on people! Computer spell check, computer grammer check and have a live person look it over in case the spell checks missed something.

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