5 things to do on LinkedIn if you are seeking a new career opportunity

Five things to do on Linkedin when looking for a new opportunity (1200 × 628 px)

Why Should you improve your Linkedin Profile?

Today I’ll cover five things you can do fast to improve your Linkedin profile, but first, how did you come to this crossroad that requires you to go beyond a resume to promote yourself? Born out of the era of social media innovation, LinkedIn emerged onto the digital scene in 2003. It came with a unique proposition, unlike its social networking counterparts. With a crystal clear business-centric focus, LinkedIn transformed into a potent platform for career progression and professional networking. Today, it stands tall as a virtual epicenter of global job markets, bringing together ambitious job seekers and discerning recruiters under one roof.

Fast Fact: LinkedIn has 930 million members and is growing

Linkedin.com June 2023

Its widespread popularity among recruiters owes itself to its unique value proposition. It allows us recruiters to evaluate potential candidates beyond their resumes, offering a glimpse into their experience, professional journeys, endorsements, recommendations, and even their thought leadership through the content they share and engage with.

Meanwhile, for job seekers, LinkedIn is a treasure trove of opportunities. It offers direct access to companies, insights into industries, the ability to foster connections with peers and potential employers, and a constant pulse on job vacancies that span across continents.

But, as with any tool, the true potential of LinkedIn can only be harnessed if you know how to use it effectively. So, if you’re looking to improve your job search and put your career progression into overdrive, it’s time to delve into the steps to take.

Fast Five Tips to Improve Your Linkedin Profile

Here are your five-pronged “Cole’s notes”, a quick but comprehensive guide to catapulting your profile and career hunt on LinkedIn to the next level. Let’s dive in:

  1. Master the Art of Profile Optimization: Your LinkedIn profile is your digital billboard, let it scream success. Ensure it’s decked up to its full potential with an up-to-date, professional snapshot and compelling headline. Spice up your experience and skills with rich, relevant keywords and your proudest achievements. This isn’t the time for modesty; show the world what you’re made of. A quick tip: If you don’t have access to a professional photographer ask a friend to take a clear photo or “headshot” and then apply the background remover on Canva.
  2. Tap into the ‘Open to Work’ Arena: LinkedIn’s ‘Open to Work’ feature could be your golden ticket to the attention of recruiters. It’s a clear signal to them that you’re in the game, ready for the next big challenge. Choose your desired roles and industries carefully to magnetize the right opportunities. This option should be used with some caution but we’ll get deeper into that later.
  3. Become a Networking Ninja: LinkedIn’s essence lies in networking. Forge connections with colleagues, friends, industry mavens, and anyone else who might help to broaden your horizon. Participate in the buzzing discussions of relevant groups, share thought-provoking content, and add value to conversations.
  4. Harness the Power of LinkedIn Job Search: Like a faithful sidekick, LinkedIn’s job search engine is there to back you up. Filter your search by job titles, locations, companies, and more to find your perfect fit. Don’t forget to set up job alerts; they are like your personal job scouts, keeping you in the loop whenever a new opportunity arises.
  5. Strike Up Conversations with Decision Makers: If a specific company or role has caught your eye, take the bold step of connecting with the relevant recruiter or hiring manager. Send them a well-crafted, personalized message expressing your interest. Remember, people appreciate genuine enthusiasm and well-researched interests. Keep in mind that recruiters are approached regularly so you should also go through recommended channels when applying to a role.

Exercise Discretion with the ‘Open to Work’ Feature on Linkedin:

It often takes me aback to see the green ‘Open to Work’ ring encircling the profile pictures of individuals who are actively employed and haven’t been laid off or downsized. Conventional wisdom suggests that job seekers typically prefer to keep their job hunt under wraps, especially from their current employers. It’s possible to strategically use this feature while maintaining a low profile by not selecting the “Share with all LinkedIn members” option. This prevents the conspicuous green ring from appearing around your profile picture. Although there is a slim possibility that your employer might stumble upon your ‘open to work’ status, it’s decidedly less blatant than wearing the literally in-your-face green badge that broadcasts your intentions to the entire LinkedIn universe.

Linkedin Profile and Personal Brand

Being on LinkedIn isn’t just about job hunting, it’s about creating a personal brand that resonates with your professional persona. Although you can do this yourself by setting aside a bit of concentrated time and following the guidelines above, there are also Linkedin profile writing services available that can help you show your passion and expertise and set you up quickly to be an active participant in your LinkedIn network. Once your profile is ready to go, regular interactions and shared insights reflect an individual committed to their professional growth, always ready to embrace new learnings.

As you step up your efforts to navigate the vast ocean of job hunting on LinkedIn, remember that it’s only one of many tools in your arsenal. Take the time to diversify your search, leveraging other resources like the ones highlighted in our comprehensive list of Canada’s 10 Best Job Search Websites. Every platform offers unique opportunities and strategies, and together, they can form a holistic approach to your career growth.

At Core Executive Consultants, our mission is to empower you to make well-informed career decisions. Explore our library of resources for more insights, guides, and advice that cover a wide spectrum of career development topics. Just as a well-rounded candidate catches the eye of recruiters, a well-rounded job search strategy will ensure you find the perfect fit for your professional aspirations. So go ahead, fuel your ambition, and let’s conquer the job market together.