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Are you wondering why you aren’t getting calls from your online resume submissions?  

You’ve put some time in, and applied to some great career opportunities online…you’ve been extra careful to only apply to jobs that you’re qualified and a good match for, yet no one is calling you back?

It might not be your qualifications holding your application back from the serious consideration it deserves. It might be the computer processing said resume. Or, more accurately, NOT processing it at all.

This tip is so simple and will only take seconds to implement!

33% of resume document attachments received are attached as “resume.doc”. This makes perfect sense to you when you save your own resume on your home computer because that’s exactly what it is, right? However 33% of people thought that exact same thing and the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) where you applied couldn’t tell you apart from those other applicants.  This duplicate naming of documents can result in the overwriting of your resume or false recognition as a duplicate candidate ~ meaning you never get a call because your profile never even made it through to HR. How do you fix this? Just Label your resume with a unique file name. Anything will do, call it resumetoday.doc, bestresume.doc, yournameresume.doc, holymoly.doc – it doesn’t matter – the computer just needs to identify you are unique – and then a human being can take it from there!

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