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Choosing the right reference is crucial to moving forward in your career. Here are some people to consider:

  1. Current Supervisors or Managers:
  • Can speak to your experience, work ethic, and character
  • Have worked with you and know your capabilities
  1. Former Employers:
  • Know your work well and can recommend you for a job
  • Glowing references can hold as much weight as any other references
  1. Valued Coworkers:
  • Can provide insight into what you’re like day-to-day
  • Should be familiar with your work duties
  1. Clients:
  • Can leave a lasting impact on hiring decision-makers
  • Can vouch for your ability to interact with customers and the quality of work that you do
  1. Supervisors or Managers Where You Volunteered:
  • Can speak of the work styles you employ while volunteering
  • Can vouch for your character and work ethic
  1. Internship Connections:
  • Can act as references to endorse your skills and capabilities
  • Best references are those who worked with you directly
  1. Teachers or Professors:
  • Can speak to your potential within the field
  • Best to use as references are those who run courses directly related to your field
  1. Academic Advisors:
  • Know your skills and capabilities
  • Their insight is valuable to hiring managers

Once you have been successful with the interview and references the next step is the offer! Here is a great article on how to evaluate an offer. Find more career tips and articles in our knowledge base.

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